Photographic Triptych 1986-2019, photoographs overpainted with acylic and dirt

Triptych I, mixed media (photographs overpainted with acrylic and dirt), 1986-2019, 71 x 203 cm

Photograph of four bold mannequin heads, three of them overpainted and collage with cloth

Arrangement for Christine, photographs (stage 3, original overpainted photographs collaged with cloth),  2013, 71 x 274 cm

Human and dog feet in relaxation

Human and Dog Feet in Mutual Relaxation, photograph, 2011, 50 x 60 cm

Photograph of human and dog feet appearing as if they were suspended pointing down, but the two the feet belong to were lying down, comfortably.

Human and Dog Feet in Mutual Relaxation Suspended, photograph, 2011, 60 x 50 cm

Photographic image of human and dog feet hanging in art gallery.

Work hung in exhibition that accompanied the conference of the Australian Animal Studies Group (now Australasian Animal Studies Association), Brisbane 2011

Acrylic painting and collage depicting female torso.

Bauch in Blau, mixed media (acrylic on paper, paper collage), ny, 19 x 21 cm

Four images of Bauch in Blau rotated

The Different Moods of Bauch in Blau for Angelica, photographic print (stage 3, original mixed media, acrylic on paper, paper collage), 2018, 19 x 93 cm

Photograph of forest and human figure in distance, looking burnt, painted over and scratched

Not Coming to Terms with Extinction, photograph (stage 3, original photograph overpainted with acrylic and surface scratched), 2019, 71 x 101 cm