My current project “The Future for Horses in Thoroughbred Racing and the Sustainability of Welfare Concepts” is about the sustainability of welfare concepts held within the thoroughbred racing industry.  This study compares welfare conceptions held within the industry with those held by representatives of animal protection organisations.  It investigates to what degree the various welfare conceptions are sustainable, and what that might mean for the future of thoroughbreds and thoroughbred racing.

I envisage that this work is applicable to other animal protection issues, and that it contributes to efforts to transition to a future based in interspecies sustainability.

My background is in capacity building for sustainability. With this project I have the opportunity to apply the ideas and concepts in the intersection of sustainability and animal studies with a new perspective. I start from the premise that true sustainability and animal protection are mutually enhancing agendas. I am fortunate enough to be supported in this as a PhD researcher through a University of Sydney Postgraduate scholarship, funded out of an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (ARC DP130104933).

My “official” entry into animal studies came in 2009 with a research project on Australians’ attitudes towards industrial animal agriculture. For this project, I was awarded a grant from Voiceless the animal protection institute. I was then based as Research Fellow at RMIT University. Since 2013, I am based at the University of Sydney, School of Geosciences.

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