Sustainability, Welfare and Thoroughbred Racing on EponaTV

Julie Taylor from was at my talk in Sweden at the Equine Cultures in Transition Conference. She approached me after the talk for an interview – here it is online (it seems that you can log in for a 10 day trial to see the full interview.) aspires to be an independent online horse tv. They say that “At we’re interested in horses in their own right. Not as sports props or extensions of our egos, but as the living, breathing, fun and fascinating creatures that they are.”

In the interview with her, while I was thinking through the issues we were discussing, I have (re-)discovered yet another overlap between the animal welfare and the sustainability debate. As she summarises in her intro:

“How our unacknowledged value systems muddle the debate”

“Sustainability” is something of a buzz word in the horse industries. But it means different things to different people, as does the word “welfare”. And until we each investigate and lay open our values regarding horses, we cannot have a meaningful debate about right and wrong, says University of Sydney’s Dr. Iris Bergman, whose research is mapping out exactly what divides horse welfare advocates and industry stake holders in the animal rights and welfare debate.

Last edited 14.2.2017